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Rhinocladiella sp.: Found in the soil, herbaceous substrates, and decaying wood. Mode of dissemination: dry spore, wind. Occasionally found on a variety of substrates. One species is called the cellar fungus, most commonly found on brickwork and adjacent timber in wine cellars. Very small, slow growing colonies. May be over looked on crowded plates.

Rhizomucor: The Zygomycetous fungus is reported to be allergenic. It may cause mucorosis in immune compromised individuals. It occupies a biological niche similar to Mucor sp. It is often linked to occupational allergy. May cause mucorosis in immune compromised individuals. The sites of infection are the lung, nasal sinus, brain, eyes and skin. Infection may have multiple sites.

Rhizopus sp.: Contaminant. Opportunistic pathogen. Found in soil, decaying vegetation and animal dung. Can cause Zygomycoses and lung infection.

Rhodotorula: A reddish yeast typically found in moist environments such as carpeting, cooling coils, and drain pans. In some countries it is the most common yeast genus identified in indoor air. This yeast has been reported to be allergenic. Positive skin tests have been reported. It has colonized terminally ill patients.

Rusts: associated with plants

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