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IAQ Glossary I


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IMPINGEMENT: As used in air-sampling, impingement refers to a process for the collection of particulate matter in which a particle containing gas is directed against a wetted glass plate and the particles are retained by the liquid.

IMPINGEMENT FILTER: Any filter which removes particulate only when the particles hit (impinge on) the filter media.

INCH OF WATER (IN. W.G.): A unit of pressure equal to the pressure exerted by a column of liquid water 1 inch high at a temperature of 39.2oF.

INCHES OF WATER COLUMN: A unit used in measuring pressures. One inch of water column equals a pressure of 0.25 kPa (0.036 lb per sq in.).

INDUCTION: The process of drawing room air into the projected air stream because of the velocity of the projected air stream (sometimes called aspiration).

INFECTION: 1. The invasion of the body by germs that reproduce and multiply, causing disease by local cell injury, release of poisons, or germ-antibody reaction in the cells. 2. A disease caused by the invasion of the body by germs.

INFECTIOUS: Capable of causing a disease in a susceptible host.

INFILTRATION: Air leakage inward through cracks and interstices, and through ceilings, floors and walls of a space or building.

INSECTICIDE: Any material or agent capable of killing insects.

ION: An electrically charged atom. An atom that has lost one or more of its electrons is left with a positive electrical charge. Those that have gained one or more extra electrons are left with a negative charge.

IONIZATION: The process whereby one or more electrons is removed from a neutral atom by the action of radiation. Specific ionization is the number of ion pairs per unit distance in matter, usually air.

ISOTHERMAL: An adjective used to indicate a change taking place at constant temperature.

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