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Indoor Air Diagnostics, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm dedicated to assessing indoor air quality related problems and their sources in commercial and residential buildings. Our investigations include a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnostics because indoor air quality problems can have several sources, which contribute to the problem.

Our assessments when appropriate can include the following:
- Client Interviews
- Bioaerosol sampling (mold)
- Particulate measurements and characterization
- Gaseous sampling for volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde
- Mechanical system review and analysis
- Independent third party analysis of the effectiveness of a clients HVAC maintenance methods and procedures.
- Building envelope review
- Energy management strategies and their impact on facility IAQ issues

We provide building owners and managers, schools, colleges and government agencies with testing, hazard evaluation, training, new construction/remodel design review and diagnostic services related to a full range of indoor air quality related issues.


Indoor environments in modern office buildings and homes were once thought as workplaces free of overt health concerns. However, the aggressive movement toward energy conservation and energy-efficient designs, can frequently subject employees and residents to poor indoor air quality. This can result in employees feeling fatigued, low morale, excessive absenteeism and reduced productivity. Our team of professionals provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to evaluating and correcting indoor air quality issues.


Our diagnostic services are often used by clients to determine how their facility ended up with IAQ problems. This can include destructive and non-destructive testing of building components, air sampling as well as an extensive review of the facility’s HVAC system, how it is maintained, its effectiveness for the current tenant use and other mitigating factors


Indoor Air Diagnostics provides comprehensive air testing for LEED compliance. Because of our extensive engineering expertise we can assist clients in solving IAQ issues when attempting to achieve LEED certification.


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